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What you need to know about winter tourism in our country...

Turkey has a strong potential with its tourism, climate and geographical structure. Thousands of local and foreign tourists come to dozens of ski resorts all over the country, Turkey has become a very important winter tourism center.

In particular, Russian and European tourists prefer Turkey for winter tourism, especially Russian tourists come to Erzurum Palandöken and Bursa Uludağ. Turkey is among the first countries to attract tourists for winter tourism.

Meanwhile, in the Black Sea Region, which has a very important potential for winter tourism, 4 seasons and 12 months tourism are targeted.

Nearly 20 ski resorts are located in Turkey, with the most convenient ski resorts in terms of ease of access to the facilities, quality and convenience of the ski tracks.

It is stated that while the accommodation facilities in these ski centers have a total bed capacity of 8 thousand, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism aims to increase the bed capacity at the ski centers to 42,700. Planned bed capacities according to ski resorts are as follows:

“Aksaray Hasandağı 3 thousand 640, Antalya Stream 5 thousand, Bayburt Kopdağı 810, Bolu Köroğlu 4 thousand 500, Bursa Uludağ 3 thousand 270, Erzurum Palandöken 8 thousand 250, Gümüşhane Zigana 410, Isparta Devraz bin 800, Kastamanu-Çankırı Ilgaz bin 300, Kayseri Erciyes 3 thousand 585, Muğla Erendağ 5 thousand.”

Access to the ski resorts can be provided by private vehicles or tours organized by private tour companies. Given the weather and road conditions at the ski resorts, it is important to have a snow chain in private vehicles. Going to the ski resorts can be a day or a couple of days. At every ski resort; there are some hotels belonging to private companies, and some centers also have accommodation facilities for some public institutions. another options are; Izmit, Kayseri, they are in the city center, so you can have time at downtown whenever you want like in Erzurum.

One of the most important points is to go early to the ski resorts for daily trips. The ski tracks in the resorts are opened to service 08:00-09:00 in the morning and the tracks are closed in the evening 1600-1700.

The ski lifts on the pistes and runways in the ski resorts are operated by the hotel. Each hotel has its own runway. A daily charge is required by each hotel to benefit from these pistes.

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